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When we do something we love and enjoy, we often lose track of time, don’t pay attention to the outside world and are fully focused on it. This state of mind is called “flow”, it is when we are fully in the present moment and consciously focused on what we are doing. However, it is very difficult to reach this state of mind due to a lot of information noise that surrounds us today.


We are constantly being distracted, whether it is a message on Messenger, checking likes on Instagram, scrolling through Snapchat or timeline on Facebook. All these things have a negative affect on us all day and together with other factors distracts us from the important things such as constant work on our dreams. The end product of such behaviour is distraction. If our head is in several places at the same time, we can’t be present and fully focused in one place.


Positive mindset applies to any activity or sport. The thought of cycling for 180 kilometres only to get off it and go run a marathon is very demotivating, but we have to able to motivate ourselves, divide the race into small sections and cheer ourselves on after completing each one of them. We can’t let the voice in our heads tell us we won’t succeed.


The mindset of professional athletes is at a very high level. They are mentally prepared for every match/competition/race by using visualisation. The are able to visualise the match, some problematic moments, which helps them perform much better. The desire to be better than others drives them forward. When they have to face troubles or difficult times, they are able to convince themselves that they have still more physical strength to give through memories and feelings of euphoria from previous victories and accomplishments.


Strengthening your mental abilities

Constant work on ourselves

The big step is made up of a few smaller steps. Every small step represents one finished training session, one passed exam or one match that we won. Just by keeping up with our training plan, we are moving towards success.


Loose our doubts and gain confidence

We can gain self-confidence by doing everything we can to succeed and then our success no matter how significant, would be a confirmation that what we do is good. The things we need to successfully fulfill our lives are a bright head and a heart of a warrior, who will not break from defeats but learn from them and move forward.


Realising what we want to be and why we do it

If we realise why we train, study or work hard we will strengthen ourbeliefs even more. We will then want to work harder, we will want to be at every training or match and we will want to move a little further forward.


Mental training

Self-talk is a very positive and important tool. We should not let ourselves down, we should make ourselves believe, tell ourselves that we have what it takes and we can do it.


Winning attitude

We should always think that we will succeed. Do not think of the possibility of loosing, there is none. If we do everything in our power to be successful, then eventually we will be!

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